Pensioner (91) Waiting for RDP House since 2002


By Agreement Mabunda

GA-WALLY BLOCK 13Malungele Mackson Kubai alleges that he was denied an RDP house due to non-attendance of community meetings.

The 91-years-old, who hails in a two-room house in Ga-Wally Village, Block 13 under Chief Modika, in Greater Tzaneen Municipality said even though he has been applying for an RDP house when Ronny Malatji was still a ward councillor, even 20 years later his application was not successful.

The condition of the room 

When Tzaneen Voice visited him, the house and the door frame has cracks.

According to Mackson, the former councillor told him that he’s not deserving of the house because he doesn’t attend community meetings.

“When it rains, it literally floods inside the house because the door frame is cracked”, said Kubai.

He further stated that he used to live with his two children, Maria and Masilo, including his five grandchildren in the very same house but they eventually moved out because there’s no space.

The ID copy confirms his age.

Speaking to Greater Tzaneen Municipality spokesperson Neville Ndala said: “We have received several requests to assist with houses and those requests are being considered, ideally we would like to assist everyone but as you know we are at the mercy of business people and Good Samaritans, that is not always possible. We will engage with the ward councillor to get more details on the matter and we will take it from that point. It is unacceptable for a man of that age to live in such conditions and as a senior citizen we need to protect them”.

He further said, “the housing competence lies in with the CoGHSTA.


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