Parents protest over “dodgy” extra School fee in Lulekani


By Staff Reporter

LULEKANI-Parents of some learners at Kurhula Primary School in Lulekani under Ba-Phalaborwa were protesting outside the school gate on Monday, August 01, to express their anger over what they call “dodgy fees” they are allegedly being compelled to pay by the school principal.

The group barricaded roads leading to the school with burning tyres, saying they cannot afford to pay a toilet fee of R30 per child on an annual basis as well as R10 every Friday, as part of the school’s casual day initiative.

It is alleged that the toilet fee is used to pay the school’s toilet cleaner.

The group of parents say they submitted a petition to the department of education’s local circuit offices last week, detailing their demands, but there has not been a response.

The parents have vowed to continue protesting outside the school gate until their demands are addressed.

The Department of Education has not commented on this matter, the article will be updated once we receive their comments.

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