Over 14k inmates are set to cast their votes at the country’s various prisons.


By Staff Reporter

POLOKWANE-In a bid to uphold the democratic rights of all citizens, South Africa is taking strides to ensure that even those within its correctional system have the opportunity to cast their votes.

A total of 14,753 inmates are slated to participate in the electoral process across various prisons in the country.

Acknowledging the logistical constraints within correctional facilities, the voting process will be closely monitored. Only two party agents per political party will be permitted to observe due to limited space.

However, independent observers will be granted access to ensure transparency and fairness throughout the election proceedings.

Ronald Lamola, the Minister of Correctional Services, underscored the government’s commitment to inclusivity in the democratic process.

He emphasized the importance of implementing measures to facilitate secure and transparent voting within correctional facilities.

“The measures we have put in place are designed to ensure that eligible inmates can exercise their right to vote in a secure and transparent manner,” Minister Lamola affirmed. This initiative marks a significant advancement in fostering an inclusive and equitable democratic landscape.

Eligible inmates who registered as voters prior to their incarceration will be permitted to travel to their designated polling stations within correctional centers to cast their votes.

To safeguard against any impediments to voting rights, the management of inmate transfers, releases, or placements on the voting date will be carefully coordinated.

In essence, this endeavor signifies a crucial step forward in fostering a democracy that is truly representative of all its citizens. By extending voting rights to incarcerated individuals, South Africa reaffirms its commitment to democratic principles and the equitable participation of all members of society, irrespective of their circumstances.

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