Nzalama Mashele Have Big Dreams of Owning a Rugby Team


By Agreement Mabunda

KHUJWANA VILLAGE-A local rugby captain, Ndzalama Mashele (18) of Khujwana Village, outside Greater Tzaneen, is working hard to fulfil his dreams.

The Fire Hawks Team captain started playing rugby at a young age after being motivated to join a rugby team by former Springbok player Bryan Gary Habana when he was only 13.

He then told the Fire Hawks’ current coach, Mashudu Maluleke, of his plans to own a rugby team.

Fire Hawks was founded in the year 2021 in Khujwana Village, it has so far played with DZJ Team in October and defeated them 40-35.

Mashele said, he was not only inspired by his mentor, but he also saw rugby as a fun activity that could help other young people in his community achieve their goals.

According to him, rugby is not just one of the sports coding, it brings peace and joy, so they chose it to entertain themselves and bring together the young people in their neighbourhood.

The Fire Hawks appeals with anyone who can sponsor their team in whatever way possible, to please assist.

“I chose rugby because I convinced myself that it was my life, and it appears to be a one-of-a-kind sport.” Mashele stated.

The captain believes that one day he will own a rugby team and he will be a successful rugby player.

Apart from being a rugby fan and having the most solid rugby impact, Mashele never gave up on his education, he is still a learner at Matimu High School and he mentioned that he is doing exceptionally well academically.


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