Ntombi ya Mutsonga to Usher President Cyril Ramaphosa at Union Buildings Inauguration


By Staff Reporter

PRETORIA-Limpopo’s celebrated praise poet, Masingita Shibambu, popularly known as Ntombi ya Mutsonga, will be ushering President-elect Cyril Ramaphosa at his inauguration ceremony today.

The multi-award-winning imbongi (praise poet) from Matiyani Village outside Giyani shared her excitement on social media last night.

“I can’t believe I’ll be ushering at President Cyril Ramaphosa’s inauguration tomorrow,” the 24-year-old poet, author, and Brand South Africa ambassador posted, accompanied by crying and prayer hand emojis.

“I am beyond grateful and honored to have been selected as the official Praise Poet for the presidential inauguration 2024,” she added, expressing her overwhelming emotions with additional crying emojis.

Shibambu, known for her ardent cultural advocacy, has achieved significant recognition in her field.

In 2021, she won the Limpopo Music Best Poet Award and was recently honoured as the Best Poet by the Limpopo Department of Sports, Arts, and Culture.

She told this publication that her SATMA nomination signifies broad recognition of her craft and provides a platform for the Tsonga society to embrace their identity.

The inauguration of President-elect Cyril Ramaphosa will take place at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, following his re-election by parliament on Friday, June 14. The ceremony is scheduled to begin at 8:00 a.m.

Ntombi ya Mutsonga first rose to national fame with her vibrant performance at President Ramaphosa’s 2020 State of the Nation Address (SONA). Her continued prominence highlights her exceptional talent and cultural dedication.

In addition to her acclaim as a praise poet, Shibambu holds a degree in Media Studies from the University of Limpopo. She aspires to further her career as a news anchor and actress, demonstrating her multifaceted ambitions and capabilities.

Today’s inauguration will be a significant event, with Ntombi ya Mutsonga’s participation underscoring the rich cultural heritage and vibrant artistic expressions of South Africa. Her presence at the Union Buildings symbolizes the intersection of tradition and modernity, celebrating the nation’s diverse cultural landscape.

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