Nkowankowa Water Treatment Plant pipeline leak repaired


By Staff Reporter

NKOWANKOWA-Mopani District municipality confirmed that the leak on the pipeline at the Nkowankowa Water Treatment Plant has been successfully repaired around 11 am today.

According to the municipality the repair process was complex, as the team had to join the broken asbestos pipe with a steel pipe.

“However, water is now being pumped into the pipeline and into the reticulation system. Additionally, water is being pumped through the by-pass directly to the customers”

For residents in low lying areas, water is expected to be restored within the next 2-3 hours. However, those residing in high lying areas may experience a delay and may receive water later in the day or evening. The timing of water restoration depends on the pipe staying intact for at least 10 hours and the system maintaining enough pressure to pump water into the reservoir.

As a temporary measure, MDM and GTM have dispatched water tankers to provide relief. Please consult your ward councillor for the location of the ward tankers in your area. Furthermore, water tankers have been specifically dispatched to schools and Letaba Hospital.

“We understand the inconvenience this situation has caused and urge residents to remain patient and supportive as both municipalities work diligently to resolve these challenges. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Please note that although the pipe was initially fixed around 5 am, it began leaking again. The MDM team worked tirelessly throughout the night, and when water was pumped into the pipe at 5 am, the pressure was too much, causing the pipe to give in.

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