Nkowankowa Girl With Rare Skin Condition Pleads for Help


NKOWANKOWA- It’s every mother’s worst nightmare – seeing your child suffer more with each passing day but there’s nothing you can do.

For eight years this was Tinyiko Headgare (12)’s reality.

The grade 6 learner from Nkowankowa in Greater Tzaneen was just Four years old when she was diagnosed with a rare skin condition, which causes the skin to be itchy, so fragile that it blisters with any rubbing or pressure.

Tinyiko has been shunned by her community because her appearance terrifies other children in the township.

She struggles also to wear clothes as even the slightest friction to her skin results in excruciating pain.

“She always cries out in pain. It is devastating to see her suffering.

Her unemployed mother, Warranty Mathebula (36) consulted various local doctors, trying all forms of medicines with no luck

Tinyiko’s Condition interferes with her school work

Frustrated and with no financial support, she was forced to give up and watch her daughter suffer.

Tinyiko has not seen any doctors in the few months because of the high cost of medication and her single mother is desperate to find help.

She is pleading with good Samaritans to help her daughter find a doctor who can treat her and give her riddance from the pain.

“I beg anyone who can have a solution to please come forward and help my daughter with treatment so that she too can live as a normal human being. I have been struggling a lot raising her. Everyone hates her, no one likes to see her or eat in front of her. She is not coping in school” She added

Tinyiko’s family can be contacted on 064 916 6015 or 072 094 6679


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