Nkowankowa Continental FC are through to Nedbank Cup regional playoffs


By Staff Reporter

NKOWANKOWA-New Kid on the block, Nkowankowa Continental FC hit the ground running as they edged Segabeng Hotbeans 2-1 on Saturday, October 15 at Nkowankowa Stadium to book a space in the Nedbank Cup regional playoffs.

It was hard fought win for Continental, who had to dig deep against Hotbeans. The two teams reached the finals of group B after Mariveni United were disqualified as they couldn’t meet the requirements to play.

Nkowankowa Continental (Nevy Blue jersey) and Hotbeans (Royal Blue) entering the pitch during Nedbank Cup at Nkowankowa Stadium.

The Topanama-based club, Hotbeans couldn’t hold their nerves in the first half, committed school boy’s mistakes and lost control at a significant position. That’s when Continental, who are under the wings of coach Peace Khosa pounced and hit them where it hurt most.

The Nkowankowa outfit opened the scoring sheet in the 38th minute from a set piece which was driven home expertly so leaving Hotbeans Goalkeeper rooted on the ground and the game went to halftime 1-0

Hotbeans came from the dugouts all guns blazing as they pushed for the equalizer but a lack of decision-making kept the goals at bay.

The Nkowankowa outfit managed to score the second goal, however, Hotbeans managed to pull one back just before the death as the game ended 2-1.

Coach Peace Khosa during Nkowankowa Continental vs Sagabeng Hotbeans in Nkowankowa stadium

Coach Khosa was delighted by the results as they live to fight for another day and anticipate good results.

“The game went well it was the game of two halves, first half we tried to control the game in all departments but second half we made subs and the game started to be difficult for us. The boys played well today and tomorrow we will see how it will go. We aim to go all the way but we will take game by game,” said the continental mentor.

His counterpart, Pet Pilusa despite the defeat said he wouldn’t take anything away from the boys.

“We gave our best but is one of those games. We lost because we didn’t take our chances. But so far, I’m proud of the boys and I think they have done well. From me here is to prepare for the league which will be starting very soon,” Said Pilusa.

Continental will play against the winners of other groups tomorrow, Sunday, October 16.

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