New Station Commander Resumes at Lulekani Police Station 

LULEKANI – Lulekani police welcomes the new Station Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Alina Pinky Shingange, on March 01.
Lt. Col Shingange was untested as a police officer in 1987 at the former homeland of Gazankulu.
She resumed her official duties at the Giyani police station and posted at the Community Service Centre.
While serving at the station of Giyani she was then transferred to Waterval Police station where she worked at Support Subcomponent.
Due to her dedication at work, she was transferred back to Giyani where she was placed at Crime Prevention.
Her excellent performance ensured that she got promoted to the rank of Captain at Lebowakgomo SAPS as a Social Crime Prevention Coordinator.
Her vast experience within the organisation led her to another angle of duties.
This happened after she got a lateral transfer to Leboeng Police as a Station Commander.
During her reigning at Leboeng, she ensured that Crime within the area drops drastically. The secret behind all that being driven by the secret of teamwork.
In 2007, she was elevated to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel at Hlanganani as a station Commander. In that same year, she was then transferred to Tzaneen Cluster Office under the Leadership of General Mathebula where she was the Cluster Crime Prevention Coordinator.
In 2019, she was transferred to Tzaneen SAPS and as a Relief Commander.
Her dedication, skills, hard work, and vast experience ensured that she be transferred to Lulekani SAPS as the new Station Commander.
Her role within SAPS includes Coaching, Mentoring, Advising, and many more.
The station Commander Lt. Col Shingange pointed all her successes to the secret of Team Work, Batho Pele, and the involvement of the CPF where she said;
“Only teamwork and consultation elevated my success”
“I would like to give a stern warning to Criminals at Lulekani and the surrounding that the gloves are on, I am more than ready for the battle,” Lt. Col Shingange explained.
She further said that she had dedicated her life to the South African Police Service. “Where I would be happy by seeing an effective and efficient service delivery within the community,” she concluded.

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