N1 Southbound Between Zebediela Tollgate and Nylplaza temporary Closed Due to Truck Accident


By Staff Reprger

POLOKWANE-Motorists traveling on the N1 Southbound between Zebediela Tollgate and Nylplaza are advised to use alternative routes following an accident involving a superlink truck. The incident has resulted in the complete closure of the highway as the truck is blocking all lanes.

The accident occurred earlier today, and emergency services and traffic authorities are currently on the scene. The exact cause of the accident is under investigation, but the truck’s position across the roadway has made it impossible for vehicles to pass.

To alleviate congestion and ensure safety, motorists are being directed to use the R101 through Mokopane as an alternative route. This detour is expected to handle the diverted traffic until the N1 Southbound can be cleared and reopened.

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