MOTLANALO: Young People Must Ebrace Their Mother Tongue


By Agreement Mabunda

PHALABORWA– A 27 years old Modjadji Beauty Rammalo is born and bred at Sunkwane, Mogapeng village in the Greater Tzaneen. Currently, she is based in Phalaborwa.

Growing up, a well-known Motlanalo was surrounded by a very big family of musicians and she believes that her talent comes from them. She became fascinated with music at an early age. “I always knew that my voice is unique at a very young age”, she says.

Several well-known musicians, including Hugh Masekela, Ntate Caiphus, Judith Sephuma, Letta Mbulu, and the late Mama Brenda Fassie inspired her to become a musician as she used to imitate them when her mother and uncle would play their songs.

Her precious talent brought her to the world of music in 2019 when she released her first album titled Mmahlabirwa in 2019.

“I realised that there are no many of my peers who go for African Contemporary Music and I just wanted to be one of the artists that sang in Sepedi”, she said.  The late Brenda Fassie who became her number one idol inspired that.

To add to the great news, the inspiration for her African Contemporary Music brought so many things, as much as treasures which are the awards.

“With the awards I received, I was able to honour my grandmother Mmahlabirwa who gave me the best childhood that shaped the woman I am today”, she said. Motlanalo has won many awards in the past, but she recently won the third award on Mzansi’s Cultural and Traditional Award as the Best Female Artist.

Music is not only the unique voice that you may have, but also the proudest moments at times where you get to inspire other people. Hence, Motlanalo believes that through her music, someone out there did not give up, someone did not take their life, someone is healed, someone is motivated. “I am proud of myself for following my dreams and for adding a little percentage in trying to make the world better today”, said Motlanalo.

To young people who are still finding themselves in the music industry.

“Plan your journey, envision it and how you want it to play out, stay true to yourself, don’t let anyone discourage you, research about the music industry, learn to do things by yourself.

Whatever you do, don’t give in too quick, ask when you don’t understand, compete with what you were a minute ago. Consistency is very important, your time will come”, she said

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