Mother of Boy who died at initiation School in Bolobedu Claims he was abducted


By Theodorah Waga Mawasha

KGAPANE- Bolobedu police and relevant stakeholders visited the family of the initiate who died at an initiation school, in Setlaleng village, Bolobedu, in the Greater Letaba Municipality, on Wednesday, June 29, to offer support.

This comes after an 8-year-old initiate, who hails from Makhurupetji village, allegedly lost his life at the aforementioned initiation school on Tuesday, June 27.

The deceased was diagnosed with chronic epilepsy.

The mother has spoken out and said that she never consented to her child undergoing the traditional practice because he was underage.

Furthermore, she said that efforts to free the victim from the school were futile.

If the mother’s claims are anything to go by, the leader(s) of the school have contravened section (12)1 of the Limpopo initiations school act 2021 and could face criminal charges.

The house of traditional healers have on multiple occasions argued that screening of medical records must be a prerequisite before initiates are admitted to schools where they undergo the traditional rite of passage to manhood.

Also, if checked and diseases are uncovered, initiates must take along tablets to the school.

Bolobedu SAPS has confirmed the death and investigations are continuing.

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