Mother and three kids sharing collapsing one-room shack in Bolobedu worried it would fall on them


By Theodorah waga Mawasha

THIBENG VILLAGE-Maria Mabapa,(39), from Thibeng village in Bolobedu, says her one-room shack is on the brink of collapse. She said that she shares the shack with her 3 children, the youngest, an asthmatic 5-year-old. The structure of the shack is said to be deteriorating causing Mabapa to have sleepless nights, particularly, during bad weather.

“I have been living in this shack since 2018. I am not working so I was never able to build a proper structure. The shack leaks in every corner and it affects my asthmatic child. Our lives are just miserable”, Mabapa said.

Mabapa further claimed that she has made several trips to the municipality and an official at the office assured her that her name was on top of the list. Also, she claims that the tribal office in the village as well as social workers tried to assist, but, nothing has materialized.

A neighbour, Pontsho Mokhabuki confirmed that the family’s situation is dire and that urgent intervention is required.

Tzaneen Voice attempted to get a comment through from Greater Letaba Ward 01 local Councillor Mohale Nyandeni, however, his phone rang unanswered on a few occasions.


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