Mother abandoned Two Children for almost Four days in the locked house at Morutji Village


By Theodorah Waga Mawasha

MORUTJI VILLAGE- In a shocking case of child abuse, two toddlers were left locked in a room for almost four days before social workers intervened and took them to a place of safety. Several questions are being asked, however, as to why the children were abandoned in the first place.

The two toddlers, aged one and six, were spotted on Monday where they were standing on a windowsill of one of the rooms at Morutji Village In Greater Tzaneen. A neighbour noticed them when trying to investigate where the sounds of crying children were coming from.

It is alleged that their mother, left them in the house stranded and without food and went awol on Friday, May 20.

According to neighbours, the mother has a tendency of leaving the children neglected and unattended.

Tzaneen voice has alerted Tzaneen police and the Department of Social Development has immediately dispatched social workers to take the children to a place of safety.

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