Molate’s Sister “His Disappearance Has Left A Big Hole in My Heart”

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By Theodorah Mawasha
GA-MATIPANE- The Modjadji family in Ga- Matipane in the Bolobedu area, have been struggling to sleep since the disappearance of their brother, Molate Modjadji (28), who disappeared on December 26, 2020.
December holidays are usually joyful times as families come together to celebrate with their loved ones.
However, this was not the case with the Modjadji family after learning that one family member is missing.
His sister mentioned this is not how they envisioned the holiday season would turn out.
Molate has been missing for almost a month and his phone has been off since.
According to his sister, they have made countless efforts to trace him to his friend’s house and relatives but have been unsuccessful to ascertain his whereabouts.
 “It took us a few days to notice he was missing because he stays alone, that is the reason we are battling to understand what happened on the day or at least know the colours of the clothes he was wearing.
“It is very heartbreaking” she sobs
“This has left a big hole in my heart,” she stated.
After the family started noticing his phone has been off for a few days they then alerted the police.
Sergeant Manganyi, communications officer of Mokwakwaila police station confirmed a case of a missing person has been opened and indicates that the search is on.
The police are pleading with the community members to assist in locating him.
 SAPS can be contacted on the toll-free number 080010111 or phone Mokwakwaila police station and ask for sergeant Mienkie Ramakgoakgoa

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