Mokgoloboto Villagers Forced to Drink from Dirty Pond Frequented by Animals Due to water Crisis


MOKGOLOBOTO-Villagers in Mokgoloboto in Greater Tzaneen were spotted by Tzaneen voice reporter fetching water from dirty pond at Mafufuleng river on Tuesday afternoon.

Villagers say the water supply to their taps has been erratic for years and trucks that was delivering water stopped completely two months ago. To get water they go to a local spring, which they share with animals.

Samuel Modiba said, “For two months we haven’t had water in our taps. As you can see for yourself, we are drinking water with dogs, pigs, sheep, goats, horses and donkeys.

Meanwhile the ward 17 Councillor Luckies Masinge  was taken aback and promised that he will go and look at the place but insisted that they are trucks that are delivering water to the village every Monday.

” We are providing them with water every monday, because we are having a crisis with illegal connections at our main pipe but we are supplying them with truck to give them water and thanks for the information” he said

When Tzaneen Voice asked him to share the details of where the water tankers delivers water, he promised to come back to us.

Tzaneen Voice visited the stream where Samuel fetch water, the water pond was littered with old plastic sandals, potato chip packets and a thick milky substance covering the body of water. Upstream, people are washing laundries and pouring back the dirty water while downstream inhabitants wait for the water.

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