Mnisi’s House is Goals and Levels 


JULESBURG– Whenever people think of Limpopo they think of poverty, mud houses, and shacks but that’s not the reality. Limpopo is putting South Africa on the map. It’s rare to find shacks in Limpopo even in deep villages.

Young people in Limpopo invest in property, more especially houses. Tzaneen voice caught up with a couple that shares the same sentiments.

Louis (40) and Princess (38) Mnisi owns a house fit for the king and queen. It is stylish, spacious, and stunning.

Mnisi ’s stylish house is based in the dusty Rhulani village at Julesburg outside Lenyenye.

The four-bedroom house all en suite consists of visitor’s toilet, sitting room, dining room, kitchen & double garage 

The house was designed by Boikanyo Architecture Project and the builder is Bongani Mofotomela Maakamela. 

The construction of the house commenced in 2017 and there are some areas of the property that is still needed to be added.

“Building a wonderful home doesn’t come cheap you have to tell yourself that I have to do this no matter what. And save money before starting to build because the budget just keeps going up” Mnisi said 

The exterior and interior painting was designed by the gifted Collen Mbethe.

The house’s garden is exquisite. It also has an amazingly trimmed garden and with a touch of red. The exterior has a natural feel with lots of tall trees.

Mnisi’s house is a magnificent residence you can only dream of calling home.

It has always been my wife’s dream to have a village home and am happy when we retire, we still have a beautiful house for your retirement he said.


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