Missing man’s decomposed body found floating at Ramodike Dam


By Staff Reporter

GA-MOGOBOYA- Members of the Monyela family from Tickyline village, in the Greater Tzaneen area, were devastated when the body of their missing son was found floating in Ramodike dam at Ga-Mogoboya on August 12.

On Saturday, 15 July, the 32-year-old Mahlatse Monyela left home wearing a black jersey in front of it written in black and green black shoes and also long black tracksuits but never returned.

After reporting him as missing, the family members, with the help of other community members, began a frantic search of their own. They searched the area where he was last spotted, in vain.

When his body was eventually found floating in the dam, it had already decomposed substantially.

Mahlatse’s mother, Salome Monyela said the circumstances around his son’s death were strange and left many unanswered questions.

“We are so shocked because we have been searching everywhere hoping to find him alive”

“What we do know for sure, is that he is dead, and only the police can help solve this puzzle,” she said.

A community member who requested to be anonymous said after he had been notified of Mashudu’s disappearance, everyone had helped the family look for him.

“As a community, we are very saddened as we had hoped he would be found alive. Instead, this has happened. Yet, we can only commend the community for remaining calm and not being led by their emotions. The body has been found, and we will hear from the experts as to what could have caused his death,” he said.

Police confirmed the discovery of Mahlatse decomposed body at the sewerage plant.

The police further confirmed that they have opened an inquest docket, and the results of the inquest will direct them If there had been any foul play involved and take it from there.

Monyela was laid to rest this past weekend at his village.


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