Meet Tebogo Mamorobela the newly elected Limpopo ANC Women’s League Secretary


By Mpho Modiba

POLOKWANE-Tebogo Portia Mamorobela, is a visionary and gender activist who believes in equity, diversity, and inclusivity.

Her activism has carved an indelible path in the realm of South African politics. She presently serves as the ANCWL Provincial Secretary for Limpopo province, a position she secured after her election at the 07th Provincial Conference in Polokwane at the weekend where Mamedupi Teffo was elected unopposed as chairperson, Minah Bahula deputy chairperson.

Her journey from a dusty village to the political arena showcases her determination and commitment to transformative change.

Hailing from the beautiful village of Malebogo, nestled within the lush and ever-green rolling Blouberg Mountain Range in Limpopo Province, Tebogo later moved to Venda at a young age.

Raised in Makhado Ward 06, her schooling at Tshiozwi Primary School and subsequent matriculated from Maneledzi High School in 1999 laid the foundation for her future pursuits.

Her academic journey took her to TUT Soshanguve Campus, formerly TNG, where she pursued a diploma in Auditing. Nurtured in a Christian family, she seamlessly integrated into the Student Christian Organisation (SCO) during her time at TUT.

Returning home, she embraced the call of the ANC and ANCYL, joining the Rolihlahla branch in Madombidzha in 2002. In 2014 she completed the Executive Leadership Municipal Development Programme with the University of Pretoria.

Her unwavering dedication to branch politics propelled her into leadership roles, culminating in her election as Rolihlahla branch Chairperson in 2004. She also served as the deputy secretary of the ANC Rolihlahla branch from 2006 to 2010.

Mamorobela’s academic journey, her involvement in the Student Christian Organisation, and her early engagement with ANC and ANCYL demonstrate her multifaceted dedication to both education and political activism.

She was part of the South African Youth Council in Vhembe from 2005 to 2007. Her dedication to the congress movement saw her being elected treasurer of the ANC Rolihlahla branch in 2010. She became an Executive Committee member of ANCYL Vhembe Region in 2010-2012 and subsequently, she was elected as a Provincial Executive Committee member of ANCYL Limpopo in 2012.

Her contributions extended to local governance, where she served as a proportional-representation councilor in Makhado Local Municipality in 2011.

In 2012 she was the acting speaker at Makhado for a period of 07 months, became EXCO member of the municipality as Portfolio Head of Department of Planning Economic Development and Tourism, and later became Portfolio head of Corporate Services. In the year 2014, Mamorobela was elected ANCWL Branch Secretary.

Her commitment to the organization saw her being elected as the treasurer of the Makhado subregion in the same year. This recognition of her financial acumen paved the way for her subsequent election as the deputy chairperson of the ANC Makhado subregion, cementing her role as a dynamic and accomplished leader. Mamorobela’s political acumen continued to shine as she assumed the role of Speaker of the Makhado local municipality in 2016. Having embarked on her political journey at an early age, Mamorobela swiftly climbed the ranks within the ANC. At the age of 42, her influence has extended to national politics.

As a Member of Parliament, she actively contributes and serves in committees aligned with her expertise, such as the Select Committee on Fishery, Land Reform, Environment, Minerals and Energy, and Energy, as well as the Select Committee on Public Enterprises and Communication.

Her impact reached beyond politics, as evidenced by her tenure as a board member of Brand SA. Appointed as the Convenor of the Young Women’s Desk from 2018 to 2022, Mamorobela is an unwavering advocate for gender equality. Through her leadership, she champions unity among women and emphasizes the importance of eradicating divisive tendencies that perpetuate patriarchal norms. Her commitment to empowering both young girls and boys underscores her dedication to societal progress. In 2022, Mamorobela was appointed as the Provincial Coordinator of ANCWL Limpopo, marking a significant step in her journey. Her exceptional dedication and leadership paved the way for her subsequent election as the Provincial Secretary of the ANCWL Limpopo Province in 2023, solidifying her position as a key figure within the political landscape. Mamorobela’s journey as a transformational leader continues as she pursues further education in Public Management at MANCOSA. Her unwavering dedication to learning mirrors her belief in the responsibilities of a revolutionary leader— to consistently learn, evolve and inspire change.

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