Ga-Sekororo Learners Crowned spelling bee champions


By Staff Reporter

RELELA VILLAGE-Dozens of hopefuls between grades 6 and 7, grades 8 and 9 and grades 10 and 11 from around Bolobedu and Sekororo gathered at Relela Community Hall on Saturday, May 7 to put their spelling skills to the test against their peers.

The spellers went through elimination rounds for schools from Ga-Sekoror against Bolobedu  with words like quinoa, leprechaun, coimetrophobia, apotheosis, insuperable, racketeering, incontrovertible and psychoacoustics, until the champion speller was the only one left.

In each group, there were three winners, Tshegofatsho Shai of Mmalesiba High School took first place in the intermediate group, and Maathari Komana of Rakgolokwana High School took first place in the senior group. Mahlogonolo Shai of Kobjaname Primary School won the junior division all from Ga-Sekororo.

The winners took home prizes such Nokia C20 Smartphone, Diary airtime Care package (lotion, body wash, soap) and stationeries

The Spelling Bee, which was initiated in 2016, is part of Bolobedu based non-profit organisation B-Square Foundation’s initiative, it hosts annual educational events like Spelling Bees, Math Olympiads, Educational Amazing Race Competitions, Mentorship Programs, and Sanitary Pad Programs.

Pictures supplied Judges From left to right: Sebolaisi Pheeha,Matokane Molapisane Salina Phosa and Rosy Ramahlo

It was hosted in collaboration with Buhle Waste; Ever Clean Laundromat; Pedi Picket Fence; Letaba Fruit & Veg; Brown Maota Trading; Madupa Lodge, Sasko and Pacific Water.

One of the Founders Bafedile Sakuneka said this is ther second Bilingual Spelling Bee Competition, in which contestants had to spell words in both English and their mother tongue, Sepedi. The competition was split into three groups.

“The goal of this organization is to empower Limpopo’s less fortunate schoolgirls in grades 6 to 12” Sakuneka Said


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