Meet Bokgaga Strongest Man


By Staff Reporter

BOKGAGA- A man reported to be the strongest Man at Bokgaga, Ga-Maake village, has shown why he currently holds the title, and he did this by lifting five 25 Litres buckets full of water.

In a video making rounds on social media, Matome Mmola (31) could be seen holding 5 buckets and another one with his mouth walking effortlessly.

As he was walking, onlookers were befuddled by the display of strength. This is not the first time Mmola displayed his extraordinary strength.

When he was 18 years old, he managed to take a bull by the horns and pull it down.

” I think the strength comes naturally because I don’t need full-time gym or supplement to perform”

Matome “Obama” Mmola Pushing Forklift in Cape Town

“I can push a forklift and I can also dig a grave with one hand and finish it in just a few hours” boosted Mmola

The ambitious Mmola wishes to pull a truck one day or if possible, join professional kickboxing.



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