Mec Ramathuba Saddened by the Death of a 19-years Pregnant woman in an accident involving an ambulance

Health MEC Dr Phophi Ramathuba is saddened by the death of a pregnant woman during an accident involving an ambulance in Giyani today. The 19-year old pregnant woman was being transported to Hospital to deliver when a taxi collided with an ambulance. Preliminary reports indicate that the taxi failed to stop at the traffic lights and collided with an ambulance, killing the pregnant woman and other three occupants in the taxi. Two EMS members also sustained injuries and have been taken to hospital.
“I am truly saddened at the deaths of innocent people. I am also angry because there are allegations of reckless driving that has caused us these lives and an asset which we so need so desperately during these difficult times of COVID-19. Our people need to be responsible because we are living in extraordinary and difficult time,” said MEC.
MEC Ramathuba has also sent her condolences to the bereaved families.” Our thoughts and prayers goes out to the families who have lost their loved ones. We can’t even begin to contemplate the pain they might be going through,” added MEC Ramathuba.

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