Mayor Dismisses rumours on Possible Giyani Shutdown


By Staff Reporter

GIYANI-The Greater Giyani Municipality Mayor Cllr Thandi Zitha strongly dismisses rumours of a possible shutdown planned to kick-start in the early hours of today, according to a widely circulated statement on social media as propaganda, opportunistic and irresponsible behaviour by some faceless sources.

Mayor Cllr Zitha said this statement seeks to undermine the integrity and stability of the municipality by spreading rumours to create unnecessary panic amongst the communities the GGM serves.

“We therefore call for calm amongst the broader members of the communities. We want to put it on record that there is no shutdown. At the same time, we urge every law-abiding citizen to distance themselves from any illegal protests organised through social media without following due processes which has now become a norm”

“We will continue to work with the law enforcement urgencies to protect the rights of all citizens”

Meanwhile the Mayor condemned the use of her name, that of the municipal manager and the chief whip in the statement, saying it is deliberately designed to undermine the integrity of both the institution and council.


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