Maruleng Municipality Appoints Justice Shipalana as Official Spokesperson


By Mpho Modiba

HOEDSPRUIT- In a strategic move aimed at enhancing its public relations and communications, Maruleng Municipality has appointed Justice Shipalana as its new official spokesperson.

This key appointment comes at a time when the municipality is focusing on improving stakeholder engagement and public trust through clear, consistent communication strategies.

Hailing from the Serene village of Hovheni, Shipalana’s passion for radio and communication was evident from a young age, as he fondly recalls,

“I grew up imitating and mimicking radio personalities. That’s what motivated me to pursue media studies.”

A seasoned communications professional with over a decade of experience in media relations and public affairs, steps into his new role with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. His background includes significant roles in both public and private sectors where he has been instrumental in shaping and executing effective communication policies.

Shipalana’s career trajectory has equipped him with a deep understanding of the dynamics and challenges of public communications within a municipal context. His prior roles have seen him successfully manage complex communication issues, spearheading campaigns that enhance public awareness and foster constructive dialogue between government entities and the community.

Throughout his career, Shipalana has left an indelible mark, earning accolades such as the MTN Radio Award for Best Content Producer PBS. His dedication to the craft is evident in his advice to aspiring media professionals: “First gain experience, acquire knowledge and experience… Volunteer your service until you gain experience.” His words echo the ethos of continuous learning and hands-on engagement.

Transitioning into his role as the Spokesperson for Maruleng Municipality, Justice’s journey has come full circle. “My move to Maruleng was through hard work and dedication… It’s a dream come true,” he affirms, underscoring the importance of perseverance in realizing one’s dreams.

As the spokesperson for Maruleng Municipality, Shipalana’s responsibilities will include the dissemination of information to the public and media outlets, crisis communications, and the enhancement of the municipality’s overall communication strategy. His role will be crucial in articulating the municipality’s policies, projects, and initiatives, ensuring that the community is well-informed and engaged.

As he continues to blaze trails in the media landscape, his story serves as an inspiration to all who dare to dream. With each accomplishment, he reaffirms his commitment to excellence and leaves an enduring legacy for generations to come.

Shipalana’s appointment is also seen as a part of a broader initiative by the municipality to bolster its reputation and operational transparency. The municipality has been actively working on improving its service delivery and accountability, recognizing that effective communication plays a crucial role in these areas.

His appointment is a promising development for Maruleng Municipality. As the new face of the municipality’s communications, he is set to be a pivotal figure in driving forward the administration’s commitment to transparency and public engagement. His strategic insights and proven communication skills are expected to significantly contribute to the municipality’s ongoing efforts to improve service delivery and maintain open lines of communication with the public.

Residents and stakeholders of Maruleng Municipality are encouraged to look forward to a more communicative and responsive administration as Shipalana takes on his new responsibilities as spokesperson.


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