Man critical after being electrocuted in Tzaneen


By Staff Reporter

TZANEEN-A man sustained 3rd-degree burns after being electrocuted by high voltage electrical power lines at Deerpark on Wednesday evening, March 27.

Evac247 said paramedics arrived at the scene and found a single patient on the roof of a building that had sustained 3rd-degree burns after being electrocuted by high-voltage electrical power lines at around 16h14.

While paramedics initiated treatment on the roof of the building specialized rescue teams were requested to assist to have the patient safely removed from the roof.

After stabilizing the patient the patient was placed in specialized rescue equipment and lowered from the roof of the building via rope rescue equipment.

Once safely on the ground, the patient was transported to an open area where the Limpopo Department of Health’s helicopter was to land and transport the patient to a specialized hospital for further management.

Limpopo Department of Health, Tzaneen’s SARZA team and the Mopani Fire Department all responded to assist.


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