Man, brutally beaten For Allegedly attempting to rape Pensioner in Ga-Sekororo


By Staff Reporter

GA-SEKORORO-A man was brutally beaten after he allegedly attempted to rape a pensioner (82) in her home at Makgaung village Ga Sekororo in Maruleng Municipality.

The incident took place on Saturday night at around 18h00.

The man reportedly tried to escape from the scene but he was cornered by community members who beaten him up before handed him over to the police.

It is alleged that man who is from Metz ward 09, was previously caught trying to rape a woman from Madeira village near Metz dam.

“The community chased him and caught him in the dam and he was beaten but he never learned” One community member told Tzaneen voice anything.

The man is currently receiving medical care at Sekororo Hospital.

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