Man beaten to a pulp for allegedly stealing Mangoes


Theodorah Waga Mawasha

GA-MOTUPA- A man was beaten to a pulp by the community for allegedly stealing mangoes from his neighbour in Motupa village, Greater Tzaneen.

According to residents, the suspect is known in the area and has a habit of breaking into people’s homes. However, his luck ran out when the owner of the house he was stealing mangoes from allegedly confronted him and a fight ensued. The suspect is reported to have tried to strangle the owner during the fight but was outnumbered when community members shouted for help.

“We know the culprit because he has been vandalizing people’s homes for a while now. Maybe this will send a strong message to other people to refrain from crime”, anonymous said.

Anonymous said that the suspect was subsequently cornered and tied while the police were called. He was arrested and detained at Tzaneen police station.

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