Man Assaulted for Hugging Former Schoolmate at Tavern in Ga-Mongatane


By Staff Reporter

GA-MONGATANE – A patron from Jane Furse was violently assaulted over the weekend at a local tavern in Ga-Mongatane, near Burgersfort, Limpopo.

The altercation occurred when the man, reuniting with a former schoolmate, was attacked by her boyfriend for allegedly hugging her.

The incident unfolded as the victim and the woman, both former schoolmates, were catching up and embracing. According to witnesses, the woman’s boyfriend appeared suddenly and began assaulting the victim while shouting, “If you know you did not come with a woman to groove, whose girlfriend do you think you will hug and touch?”

The violent confrontation left the victim shaken and bruised. In the aftermath, he has urged other men to be cautious and respectful of boundaries at social gatherings, particularly in interactions involving other men’s girlfriends. “It’s important to avoid misunderstandings that can lead to violence,” he stated, emphasizing the need for personal safety and respect.

Local authorities have been informed of the incident, but it remains unclear if any charges have been filed. Community members are encouraged to promote peaceful and respectful conduct to ensure the safety and well-being of all patrons in social environments.

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