Makwela and King Monada’s relationship goes beyond just music


By Staff Reporter

MOKGOLOBOTO- On the surface, music seems like a one-man job; the perfect field for personalities who are well-suited to working on their own.

However, every major successful musician is a team of people who work together to build the artist’s brand and keep them at the forefront of the industry.

Khutso Steven Kgatle known as King Monada and his manager Albert Makwela has built a relationship beyond music, they are like father and son.

Speaking exclusively to Tzaneen Voice, Makwela explains his affiliation with King Monada which he says started about ten years ago.

“I saw King Monada during a community outreach programme held at one of the nearby villages in Tzaneen, his name was mentioned by one of the community members. The first event that we had, he was not invited because of the type of songs he was singing then,” Makwela explains.

At the beginning of a career, an artist may not need a manager. Many managers won’t consider working with an artist until they have established their brand, and have a firm long-term vision.

Although the process of finding a manager is different for everyone, an artist may need to have released several successful tracks, videos, or mixes before they can find the right one. Keep in mind that the right manager may not be an established manager working at a big company.

However, for King Monada it was a different story, his manager leaped faith and signed him up.

He further says that in the second event the community members obligated him to invite the Malwedhe hitmaker King Monada to perform.

Picture facebook: King Monada with Albert Makwela and Peulwana during Sepedi music Awards.

“After his performance and the response, he got from the community members, I had told myself that I will give him a chance, I saw talent and his passion for music. I then created a budget in the outreach programmes to accommodate him, which was then the beginning of his music career” he says.

A manager’s main role is to handle the day-to-day business of an artist. At some point, you may reach a point where the business of singing begins interfering with your personal life.

A good manager will create opportunities for you, and help to make you money. That was the kind of manager Makwela is, however in 2013 Makwela contacted other recording labels to manage the Malwedhe hitmaker, due to his business and other commitments that couldn’t permit him to be his manager anymore.

“He only lasted for a year with the other recording company, I then took him back, managed him, and encouraged him to be independent,” he explains.

He encouraged him to register his own company which is called King Monada Music.

Picture Facebook: King Monada and Albert Makwela arriving at Village lifestyle in Bolobedu.

“I wanted him to be a boss now whereby he owned everything, I then became an employee because he has accumulated enough resources to keep him going and I taught him how to run a business or to manage so it was time for him to put it into practice, so he became my boss, I am now working for him, “says Makwela.

Meanwhile, King Monada became a brand; he owns a record label and state of the art studio. “He doesn’t do anything without consulting me first, we share ideas and I advise him, he is where he is today because he takes my advice,” he adds.

However, their relationship is not only about work, they have grown closer to such an extent where they share even personal and family issues.

He further says that he encourages King Monada to plough back to the community, therefore he signed up four young artists, that he will mentor and feature in his upcoming albums.

The artist is working on building a big studio where he will assist other imminent artists.

“For now he has a studio in the house where he can record even in the middle of the night and one studio outside the house, the future is looking bright and I enjoy being managed by him now,” he concludes

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