Makhwibidung Burglar Arrested While Appearing in Court


MAKHWIBIDUNG VILLAGE – A 30-year-old suspect, Lucas Buthelezi was yesterday arrested at Namakgale magistrate court where he was appearing on a charge of assault.

The suspect was arrested by the police from Maake police station on a charge of business robbery.

It is alleged that the suspect together with his accomplice, both glad in balaclavas, got into a local Supermarket at Makhwibidung village under Maake policing area during June 2020. They then allegedly accosted the cashier, pointed him with a firearm, and demanded money.

The suspects allegedly robbed an undisclosed amount of money after firing a shot that struck the complainant on one of his legs. They thereafter fled from the scene.

The police in Maake received information that one of the suspects was due to appear in Namakgale magistrate court yesterday on another case. They then proceeded to the area and managed to apprehend him. The hunt for the other suspect is continuing.

The suspect will appear in Naphuno magistrate court on Thursday 17 December 2020.

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