Makhubidung man graduates with doctorate of commerce in economics


By Agreement Mabunda

MAKHUBIDUNG VILLAGE –Dr. Sehludi Brian Molele is a Tzaneen native who grew up in Makhubidung Village.

Dr Molele says, “I grew up in a well-structured family where my parents constantly encouraged and supported all of us in all things of school including, of course, going to church.”

Dr. Molele is the fourth son of Moruti Gabriel Molele and Stephelina Molele, he says his mother instilled in him the values that have led him to where he is now.

He further indicated that his mother was instrumental in establishing in him the significance of attending church and remaining grounded.

Dr Molele started is school journey at Maroboni Primary School and later moved to Maale Senior School. He completed his matric in the year 2003 at Matsheutsheu Maropeni Combined School.

He continued saying that his family has been his greatest source of inspiration throughout his career. They were the driving force behind his success.

“My family and my brother, Professor Mashukudu Hartley Molele, paved the road and provided me with the motivation to continue with my studies,”

“Another person who motivated me is Dr Kashane Stephen Malatji, who I admire for reaching such a milestone,” Molele said.

He further acknowledged Prof T. Ncanywa, his greatest influencer, who had also played a role in his honours studies at the University of Limpopo in 2011.

Molele adds, “She instilled in me a love and enthusiasm for writing.”

“In the first Faculty of Management and Law Research Day Competition, I was given the best-researched paper at the University of Limpopo.” “It was Prof Ncanywa who pushed me when I didn’t understand the point in participating in such a competition,” he added.

Dr. Molele considers his Doctorate of commerce in Economics to be his most significant accomplishment.

“I had given up on education at one point, I started my honours degree in 2011, but I didn’t finish it due to personal problems, despite passing 5 of my 6 modules and being left with the Research Project module. Later that year, in 2016, my father had a heartfelt conversation with me and pushed me to return to finish my education.

When I regained the strength to return, I had to complete all of the modules, which I first passed. As a result, my honours degree remains one of my proudest achievements because it required me to refocus my efforts on school,” Molele explained.

He went on to say that the support of his siblings and parents eventually led to his reaching a plateau in his career.

Sepedi se re ‘Thuto ga e golelwe’, claimed Molele.

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