Lulekani Police use rubber bullets to disperse members of Selwane service delivery camping in a tent outside Royal council offices


By Mpho Modiba

SELWANE- Chaos erupted in Selwane Village outside Phalaborwa on Wednesday, 03 January when 46 Police officers from Lulekani Police Station arrived at Selwane Royal Council offices to remove the tent the community placed outside the tribal offices.

The tent was erected by Selwane Service Delivery members following their case against Khashane Sam Malatji a former special advisor of the late chief Tebogo Malatji whom they accused of fraudulent activities. The police arrived in Nyala and poluce vans carring guns with rubber bullet.

About 16 community members whom amongst them include pensioners, women and young people were allegedly shot and injured by police. Ten of them who sustained injuries were treated at a local clinic while one who sustained severe injuries was taken to Maphutha Malatji Hospital.

The members of Selwane royal council were nearby observing the chaos. The Chairperson of Selwane Service Delivery English Mokgalaka says they are suprised at the conduct of the police as the community has opened several cases of fraud against Sam Khashane Malatji but the police never responded to them in this manner.

Axe  He says the Lulekani police are biased as their focus is on protecting corrupt elements like Malatji and his cliche within the Selwane royal council but failing to protect the community.

Mokgalaka further says the police embarked on removing the tent from Tuesday and they removed it. They came again on Wednesday and removed another tent. He says they did not have a document of warrant of arrest or any summons that says they came there legally. Police  dispersed community members who were sitting in the tent that was erected for the last two months as a measure to protect the royal council against the accused Malatji who the community does not want him anywhere near the offices of the royal council including decision making on issues that affect them.

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