Locals climb mountain to encourage Physical Health

By: Kabelo Abel Mokgalabone 
RITA- As part of the festive season celebrations, the people of Rita and the surrounding villages decide to climb the mountain on Sunday morning, 27 December.
Speaking exclusively to Tzaneen Voice, Matome Ramalepe, who is one of the organizers, said the sole purpose of climbing the mountain was to encourage physical activity and togetherness between the people of Bokgaga and Rita as well as the use of natural resources.
“We became aware that we must do something together as one people and climbing the mountain was one of them,” Ramalepe said.
The grueling six kilometer walk was also attended by women, who believed that climbing a mountain is for all genders.
Sarah Makwala, who is also in the organizing committee, highlighted that the event is not only for men but for women as well. Makwala said that if women don’t participate in physical exercise, it may bring the ideology that tough situations are for men only.
“We have to teach the society that men and women are equal in everything, we are equally in sports, we are equal in physical activities, and I’m glad women took part of this adventure,” Makwala said.
Sydney Maidi Mokumo also noted that climbing the mountain was necessary to show people that they still value their heritage.
He said that it should be a norm for people in the villages to take part in adventures that they have freely.

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