Lizzy “Bubhubhudeng” Maswanganyi: Please don’t judge me


By Theodorah wags Mawasha

MHANGWENI VILLAGE-Choosing dancing as a career is hard and often frowned upon, particularly in black communities.

Some parents go to the extent of encouraging their children to pursue professions in reputable higher institutions of learning that are considered “noble and dignified”.

For Lizzy Maswanganye (25), from Mhangweni village outside Burgersdorp in Greater Tzaneen, doing what she loves as an exotic dancer and entertainer, has been a walk in the park because of the support she receives from her mother and siblings.

In a sit down with Tzaneen Voice, the mother of one unpacked how she turned her hobby of dancing into a business.

“Dancing has always been my hobby until I started following my friend around when she went to groove around 2013.

Event organizers would pay her a lot of money after she performed. I realized there is a business in the industry.

I would sometimes perform with her, but, I felt exploited. That’s when I decided to start doing my own thing”, Maswanganye said.

Being a stripper is fulfilling because of the financial freedom it comes with. You can work at various places and that provides you with the opportunity to earn more.

My schedule is always tight with the bookings that I get locally and sometimes outside Tzaneen and my rates range from R3000 or more.

The entertainer reiterated that she has kept a level head even now when her work is widely recognized and trending.

“I am doing this solely for entertainment. I am lucky I can do what I love and get paid for it.

I am not extravagant. I don’t buy expensive stuff. I lead a humble life”, she said.   

She said that her audience always enjoys her performance, however, it sometimes poses a threat.

Some of the challenges I face in my line of work include the fact that some people confuse strippers with prostitutes.

They also take us for granted and say offensive things. But on the brighter side, stripping is a very safe career if you work for taverns with good security, you are always protected.

“I prohibit my audience from jumping onto the stage when I perform because some crowds are rowdy and unruly. I always advise them before I start performing to avoid joining me while I am on stage to avoid unfortunate occurrences”, she added.


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