Lion on the Loose Spotted at Lulekani B-Extension in Phalaborwa


By Staff Reporter

PHALABORWA-A sense of alarm has gripped the community of Lulekani B-Extension in Phalaborwa after a lion was spotted roaming the area on Friday night.

The sighting has prompted local authorities to issue warnings and take immediate action to ensure public safety.

The lion was first seen by residents at around 9 PM on Friday, causing panic and concern among the community members. Eyewitnesses reported seeing the large predator moving through the streets, which led to a flurry of calls to local law enforcement and wildlife authorities.

Local authorities, including the Phalaborwa SAPS and wildlife officials, responded promptly to the reports. They have been working through the night to track the lion and ensure it does not pose a threat to residents.

A team of wildlife rangers and veterinarians has been dispatched to capture the lion safely. They are currently setting up traps and monitoring the area closely.

In the meantime, residents of Lulekani B-Extension and surrounding areas are urged to take safety precautions.

Wildlife experts suggest that the lion may have wandered from a nearby reserve or national park in search of food or territory. This kind of event, while rare, underscores the proximity of wildlife to human settlements in regions like Phalaborwa.

Authorities are hopeful that the lion will be captured soon without any incidents. In the meantime, they urge the community to remain calm and vigilant. Updates will be provided as more information becomes available and as efforts to capture the lion progress.

For now, the priority remains the safety of the residents and the humane capture of the lion to prevent any harm to both the animal and the community.

For further updates and information, residents are encouraged to stay tuned to Tzaneen voice and local media.

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