Limpopo Department of Health Denounces fake Pharmacist Nthabiseng Ramoloko’s false employment status


By Agreement Mabunda

POLOKWANE-The Limpopo Department of Health denounces the false claims made by Ms Nthabisneng Ramoloko regarding her employment status at WF Knobel and Mankweng Hospitals respectively.

Department spokesperson Neil Shikwambana says they conducted a thorough investigation into these claims and found them to be entirely baseless and without merit.

“Ms Ramoloko has been falsely representing herself as a pharmacist at WF Knobel and Mankweng Hospital, as well as claiming to have obtained a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Limpopo. We wish to clarify that there is no record of her employment at WF Knobel and Mankweng Hospital as a pharmacist.”

The bogus pharmacist has already been unmasked by the University of Limpopo as a non-graduate who never set foot in any of its lecture halls despite her claims of having graduated with a Bachelor of Pharmacy and currently pursuing a Masters with the same institution.

Shikhwambana further stated that the public must have trust and confidence in the healthcare professionals who provide essential services in our healthcare facilities. The mushrooming of imposters falsely claiming professional qualifications not only undermines the integrity of the healthcare system but also poses significant risks to patient welfare.

We urge the public to be cautious and vigilant when seeking healthcare services.

“It is essential to verify the qualifications and credentials of healthcare professionals before entrusting them with your health.  The public is made aware that there is nothing wrong for a patient to request proof of registration with a relevant regulator or statutory body whenever they feel uncomfortable or have doubts”

The Limpopo Department of Health is working closely with the relevant authorities and institutions to ensure that appropriate legal action is taken against Ms Nthabisneng Ramoloko for her deceptive actions. We will continue to prioritize the provision of high-quality healthcare services and maintain the integrity of our healthcare system.

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