Law enforcement raids grocery stores to seize expired goods in Ga-Sekororo


By Staff Reporter

GA-SEKORORO-Two popular grocery stores in Ga-sekororo were caught selling expired products to its customers. Some bear expiry dates from as far back as three years.

Sekororo Cash and Carry and Rajah Shop in Ward 13 under Maruleng Municipality raided by Maruleng local Municipality in partnership with Mopani District Municipality, Environmental health practitioners and security clusters this afternoon as part environmental health inspection blitz.

Cosmetics, Sauces, biscuits and canned food are some of the products in the store. A bottle of tomato sauce was packaged in 2017 and expired in 2020. The owners say consumers go into their shop knowing what to expect. But the environmental Health inspectors warns consumers not to buy food that has expired.

“We would urge the client not to buy products that are near its sell-by or expiry date. Secondly, if a client finds that the good has expired or it’s not of a sale quality, were first requested the clients to go back to the supplier and ask for a refund or a replacement of that good,” says one of the inspectors

Health inspectors will soon visit the shop to assess its compliance.

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