Kruger National Park experienced a bone-chilling temperatures plunging to -1 °C.


By Staff Reporter 

PHALABORWA-Winter in the Kruger National Park is typically characterized by cool mornings and warm afternoons, but today was an exception that left both locals and visitors rubbing their eyes and double-checking their GPS to make sure they hadn’t been transported to a different continent overnight.

This morning, temperatures plummeted to a bone-chilling -1 degrees Celsius, an unusual sight for this time of year as winter nears its end. The cold snap was evident as ice was seen melting off fence lines, a rare occurrence in this region. By 8:00 AM, temperatures had only risen slightly to a still-frigid 2 degrees Celsius, making for a brisk start to the day for anyone venturing outside.

The unexpected cold front was vividly captured in a photograph taken at the Skukuza Safari Lodge, illustrating the surprising icy conditions that greeted early risers.

While cold spells are not unheard of during Kruger’s winter months, such low temperatures are indeed a rarity. As visitors and residents alike bundled up against the unexpected chill, the park’s unique wildlife and stunning landscapes took on a frosty beauty that added an unexpected element to the safari experience.

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