King Monada spotted taking pictures with “bagwera”


By Staff Reporter

MOKGOLOBOTO-King Monada took to social media to share his picture posing with Bagwera earlier this afternoon.

The Lemenemene hitmaker’s post received mixed reactions some asked for more information while others saluted for being in touch with his culture.

“Bogwera” is the second session of initiation for boys that takes place during the festive season.

The word bogwera comes from the noun mogwera (friend). Bogwera does not last long and takes only three to four weeks. As in any other social activity, there are special expressions and a particular vocabulary linked to the institution of bogwera.

According to a cultural expert based at Balloon Village, he explained to Tzaneen voice that when the chief convenes the second stage of initiation or bogwera, the expression ‘go tia bogwera’ is used. This expression indicates that the chief initiates friendship among the graduates from bodika. During this session or stage the boys must collect a special type of grass to clothe themselves; in Northern Sotho, it is expressed as go thetha hlokwa (cut a certain type of grass).

The initiation is more popular at Makhutswe, Metz under Maruleng municipality, the area is made up of two clans: Banareng ba Sekororo/Mahlo (Makhutswe people) and Banareng ba ga Letswalo or Mamathlola.

King Monadha is expected to fill Nkowankowa stadium on the 30 December at his inaugural one-man show.


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