King Monada Music and Mack Eaze Deny Conflict Rumours

By Thabo Monyela 
MOKGOLOBOTHO– It was alleged that the award-winning Mokgolobotho born artist, King Monada kicked out his most trusted friend and beatmaker, Mack Eaze out of his home and King Monada Music.
The rumour has it that, King Monada trashed out Mack Eaze ‘s Ex friend and former music partner, Mr. Yoghurt the Paragon after the release of a beautiful project hit single music video, titled “Ase Moruti “
Mr. Yoghurt the Paragon played an important role in making this song a success with his beautiful rendition.
 Albert Makwela of KMM strongly dismissed the rumour and went on to state that, the moving out of Mack Eaze from King Monada ‘s house is part of the artist’s development programme initiated by the label, not the rumoured conflict.
“Every artist that works with us (King monada music) stays at house for a particular period and then moves out to allow others to undergo this development ” Makwela of KMM said.
He further labeled Mack Eaze as the best the label has ever produced. “This boy had been involved in a lot of songs, more than any other artist ever featured by us,” Makwela said to Tzaneen voice.
King Monada has always been at the center of controversy of the alleged conflicts with other prominent artists such as Ck the DJ and Master KG. During “Oska Bora Moreki ” hit single he was involved in the same scandal with DJ Dinoh, who was alleged to be the brain behind the hit. Omee Otis, released a single title “Letter to the King (repent) after he trashed out. The list of the local artists who were alleged to be trashed out includes Master Chuza, Calvin The General, and DR Rackzen, who has now reconciled with the King of Bolobedu.
 The Ga- Matshwi, born artist, Mack Eaze also rubbished the rumours and branded them fake news. Mack Eaze has confirmed that he left King Monada’s house with the sole purpose of focusing to complete his Electrical engineering Course. Since the emergence of COVID-19 made him realize that a music career is not permanent and bears lots of risks especially when gigs don’t come through.
King Monada and Mack Eaze, under their names, released hit songs such as “ase moruti “, “Ake Ready”, “One Million ” and “wa Nkgobatsa ” featuring Jen Jen.

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