Kidnapped Nathan Mokoena Released from Initiation School


By Staff Reporter

POLOKWANE-A ten-year-old boy from Lephalale in Waterburg district, was kidnapped and taken to an initiation school but has now been released.

The incident has sparked outrage and calls for action against the responsible parties.

Nathan disappeared on Thursday afternoon while on his way home from school. His mother, Mapula Mokoena, was alerted when learners at his primary school reported seeing him with a group of unknown boys.

The police were notified, and Nathan was eventually found over 200 kilometers away at an initiation school in Hammanskraal, Gauteng.

“The deputy principal called and said some learners reported that Nathan was taken by a group of other boys, who took him to an initiation school,” said Mapula Mokoena.

“The owner of the initiation school sent the group money for transport to Modimolle. From there, the owner took Nathan. We got his number and called him. He admitted that my child was at the initiation school but was not yet circumcised.”

Mapula Mokoena is now calling for authorities to take action against the owner of the initiation school. A kidnapping case has been opened with the police to address this serious violation.

The incident has also drawn condemnation from Chief Lameck Mokoena, president of the Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa (Contralesa).

“We are so disturbed to hear that there are these incidents where some boys are kidnapped and taken to initiation schools,” he stated. “As Contralesa, we have already tasked a team to investigate exactly what happened.

We want to make a call to all those principals of those initiation schools that this tendency or practice, where some boys are hired to go and kidnap boys and take them to initiation schools, is condemned. We will personally make sure that the owner of that school who did this is brought to book.”

The ongoing investigation will determine whether the school involved is licensed and operating within legal bounds. In the meantime, the community remains vigilant, and Nathan’s family is grateful for his safe return, despite the traumatic experience.

This incident highlights the urgent need for stricter regulations and monitoring of initiation schools to prevent such occurrences and ensure the safety and well-being of all children.

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