Khujwana man waiting for RDP house for over 25 years claims the allocation database is flawed and unreliable


By Theodorah waga Mawasha

KHUJWANA VILLAGE-Lesley Maake, 39, from Khujwana village in Greater Tzaneen, applied for an RDP house in 1998. Given the time frame, Maake has come forth with claims that he believes the housing database is “flawed and unreliable”.

Maake said that he is making these allegations on the basis that, according to the sitting ward 16 councillor Collen Stoltz, the house was approved a while ago, but, nothing has materialized.

“I applied for an RDP house in 1998. Multiple councillors have come and gone telling me I have been shortlisted. I am hopeless and don’t trust anyone anymore because 25 years later, I still don’t have a house. The government’s allocation database is” corrupt and flawed”, Maake fumed.

His niece Mpho Mashego reiterated the sentiment and said that it pains her to see her uncle living in an unconducive environment while undeserving individuals receive houses without even applying.

The ward councillor was contacted, however, he was unreachable. He also hasn’t responded to correspondence sent to him through WhatsApp. 

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