Kharishma Blue Ticks event organiser after failing to show up at a paid gig in Bolobedu


By Thabo Monyela

TZANEEN- Kharishma is being sought by the Bolobedu event organiser for a refund after she pulled a no-show for a paid gig at Madupa Lodge in Bokhuta village, Bolobedu, on September 30. 

The talented young muso was paid two batches of R8 500 in July and September for a total of R17 000 to perform as one of the headliners at Peter Ramafalo’s birthday celebration in Bolobedu South, however she did not show up leaving her legion of fans disappointed. 

The ‘Sekoloto’ hitmaker born Melita Mogale also left an event organiser high and dry when she failed to honour her booking and now she’s nowhere to be found with the refund. 

According to Peter Ramafalo of Madupa Lodge, the talented music star together with her manager are ignoring his calls after only refunding R4 000 of the R17 000 which was paid for her to perform at his birthday party celebration. 

On Monday, October 09, Ramafalo said he drove to Kharishma’s home in Solomondale outside Turfloop after a week of promises and found her mother who pleaded with him and promised that she would pay back the money. 

” I drove to her home and her boyfriend’s home in Solomondale and didn’t find her, we spoke on the phone through her mother and then promised to return my money in full the following day (Tuesday), however, Tuesday came, and she only sent me R4 000 claiming that she had reached a daily limit and her FNB account had another issue, which she will go and fix,”  he said. 

Ramafolo went on to say he was promised to get the remaining R13 000 by the end of business on Tuesday, 10, however, Kharishma and her sister did not honour their promise and started ignoring his calls. 

Both Kharishma and her manager Ribane ignored our communication attempts for comments.

It is alleged that both her boyfriend and sister, who is her manager, are separately handling her bookings and they end up overbooking her without checking with one another. 

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