Kgoshi Mokgoloboto To Sue Police Over Wrongful Arrest and Detention 

By Kabelo Abel Mokgalabone
GA – MOKGOLOBOTO: Kgoshi Mokgolobotho has been released from custody on Wednesday and he is not a happy man!
In an exclusive sit-down interview with Tzaneen Voice, a visibly angry Kgoshi Mokgoloboto said that he believes that there is a third party involved in what he deems an unlawful and wrongful arrest.
Asked about the charges that the police presented to him, Mokgoloboto said that the police had no case and there were no charges against him.
“I was detained in the holding cells for 24 hours but was not charged. I’m not happy with the treatment that I got from Ritavi police because my dignity was dragged through the mud.” Mokgoloboto boldly emphasized.
“On the day of my release, the policeman just came to my cell and escorted me outside and told me that I was released, I didn’t even go to court,” Mokgoloboto said.
In a record that this publication is the possession of, Mokgoloboto clearly states he believes that the Greater Tzaneen Municipality ( GTM) and Nkuna Tribal Authority are in cahoots to fight him hence his controversial arrest was unjustifiable because the police present an old document that he believed was not enough to liable him to be detained.
“I believe that this was a wrongful arrest because when the police came to arrest me, they used an eviction order, which belongs to the Greater Tzaneen Municipality that dates back to 2016”
In his own words, the chief highlighted that he is engaging with his legal representatives in an attempt to sue the state as well as the potential third parties involved in his arrest.
“I’m in contact with my lawyers because I believe that there is a third party involved in my arrest. There is a gangster that is trying to defame my character.” Mokgoloboto warned.
On a calmer note, Mokgoloboto also wished to let the residents that the allocation of stands will continue.
Efforts to get comments from the Greater Tzaneen Municipality and Ritavi Police were in vain.

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