Kgola Ka Leleme teachers’ assistants not paid for 3 months


By Theodorah Mawasha

GA – SEKGOPO: With three months having gone by without payment, teachers’ assistants at Kgola Ka Leleme in Ga – Sekgopo under Greater Letaba are growing impatient with the Department of Education.

Having been brought on by the Department on contracts that will end in March 2022, teachers’ assistants were hoping for smooth working conditions but that has not been the case, especially at Kgolo Ka Leleme.

Limpopo Department of Education released a statement stating that, funds are available and teaching assistants have been getting their monthly stipends without any glitches, since the inception of the program.

An assistant, who is placed at the said school, spoke on anonymity and alleged that, he and his colleagues were becoming impatient and losing confidence in the system because it has been full three months without pay.

“I started working at the school when the posts were first introduced and everything was going well until the issue of money arose. I want to quit because I am no different to someone who is sitting at home doing nothing”. He said.

A SGB member Sipho Mabitsela said that, circuit office directed the school management in a circular, to pay the assistants from the budget received in the previous financial year, however, funds have unfortunately run out.

Tzaneen Voice contacted the Education Department, to ascertain as to whether they have been made aware of these allegations.

The Department’s spokesperson, Tidimalo Chuene, said that they have been alerted to this challenge. She further reiterated that, it is nevertheless not immediately clear what the challenges at the school are, at this stage.

“We are pushing for a speedy resolution to this and we are working tirelessly together with the district office. We fully understand the frustration and inconvenience caused by this problem”. She stated.


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