Kgapane Restauranteur blossoms in tough economic times


By Theodorah Mawasha

KGAPANE- In these tough economic times, where most businesses have struggled to survive and keep afloat; Ilse Mogale (28), saw this as the perfect opportunity to pursue her childhood dream of opening a restaurant in Kgapane…

As the country is currently seeing massive job losses, Mogale got unemployed after the company she was working for closed down. But that did not let her give up in life.

“I always had this idea that one day I will open a restaurant, I am so grateful that dream is a reality and BBQ Joint is now operating”.

“We opened our doors on July 31 and the support from the community was amazing. We serve mostly burgers, ribs, wings, drinks, and other delicatessens. On weekends we are at our busiest and it made great business sense to employ three staff members, who assist me with the day to day running of the business.” said Mogale.

Kgapane Restauranteur blossoms in tough economic times

Of course, there were people who did not support her idea and tried to derail her from her dreams, but her tenacity and resilience kept her going. She soldiered on until she saw her business open its doors.

“I have learned that in life we all have a purpose. Find your purpose and work at it. Polish your skills and pursue it” she concluded.

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