Kgapane residents raise concern over shoddy road rehabilitation work


By Theodorah waga Mawasha

KGAPANE-Concern and frustration have come to the fore following shoddy work that is being done by labourers refurbishing a road between Mandela Park and Malematja villages in Kgapane, Greater Letaba.

The community members indicated that the road is an integral part of the economy because it connects them to the main road and metropolitan. Thus, the delays and poor workmanship affect their livelihoods.

“This road poses a threat to modes of transport. Buses and taxis are hindered from commuting community members. The mobility of sick patients is negatively impacted. The issues are just endless “, a resident said.

Some said that this adds to their woes as they are already battling with challenges of load-shedding, shortage of employment, and lack of housing and sanitation, to mention, but, a few. Furthermore, they also claim that the project has no heavy-duty equipment, machinery and solid building material.

Ward 5 local councillor Salome Rasebotsa said, could not be reached for comment.

Department of Roads, Transport and Infrastructure media liaison Witness Tiva, has not responded to correspondence yet.


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