Kgapane Born Optometrist Did not let Societal Pressure Stop Him from Pursuing His Dream

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By Theodorah Mawasha

KGAPANE – Meet Dr. Collen Masetla, a 37-year-old Optometrist who started his journey from humble beginnings.

Dr. Masetla was born and raised singlehandedly by his Christian mother in the dusty streets of Rapitsi Village, Kgapane, under the Greater Letaba Municipality.

He reflected on how after completing his Bachelor of Optometry degree at the University of Limpopo the challenges began.

“When you complete a degree, you think the challenges are over but that is actually when the real work begins.”He said.

Masetla Optometrist first opened its doors in April 2011 in Mpumalanga and the humble family man is proud of his achievements.

However, the road, he says, has not been smooth, citing pressure from society and lack of clients as biggest obstacles.

“This profession comes with a lot of challenges. When I started, I had a lot of pressure from society because I am a Doctor and I was expected to drive flashy cars and live in a big house. I struggled with clientele and that meant I couldn’t pay bills or pay for my children’s schooling. Buying a big car or house was not on the cards at the time ” he mentioned.

It is during this time that he became closer to God and put his challenges in God’s hands.

“Competition is tight and that kept me on my toes. When I saw my Masetla optometrist established I started believing that all things are possible with God” he continued.

The love for people and helping the needy has secured the practice clientele in the community to the extent that he looks forward to opening a branch in Tzaneen in the near future.

“I love what I do and advise young people to follow their dreams and not give up. They must stay humble, respectful and always put in the hard.  Lastly, our patients who we recommend spectacles for must wear them unashamedly. It is our pride ” he concluded jokingly.


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