Judas Moseamedi’s dream of making Tzaneen a popular football region


By Ernest waka Mabasa

JOHANNESBURG- Maritzburg United marksman Judas Moseamedi’s vision of his annual football tournament has not grown to its potential yet but it is stepping in the right direction where every young football hopeful would want to participate.

The Annual Judas Moseamedi Festive Games which takes place at Makhubidung village will be in its third year in December this year.

Speaking to Tzaneen Voice, Moseamedi said his dream is to see rural lads pushing the ball in big stadiums with fans cheering support for them, making Tzaneen a more popular football region in South Africa.

“I think it was just easy for me to launch something like that because we do not get that opportunity for our youth to go places like Johannesburg to further their careers and all that”

So I thought introducing the tournament would encourage youth and take them away from illegal stuff.

I have seen a lot of tournaments happening but they did not have that quality that is when I decided to launch something that would bring the community together,” he said.

The 26 year old strong bull says he wants the tournament to attract big scouts to identify talents in Limpopo and give them an opportunity to shine on professional level for the country to see.

Judas Moseamedi's dream of making Tzaneen a popular football region

“We need to have people that have teams and we also have players that have signed professional contracts as part of motivation”.

We have been working a lot to make sure that we bring scouts down to Tzaneen to look for players but then now due to the financial problems we are struggling to accommodate those people.

We are talking about people who come from Cape Town and Johannesburg. These people need accommodation.

But we are confident that not long we will be okay to bring people to get players from that tournament.

“Previously, we have had people selling their stuffs. We had lot of brands so it also brings business close to the audience,’ Moseamedi concluded.

Maritzburg United will be away to slug it out for maximum points against Highland Park on Saturday.


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