Jossey Buthane comes back to haunt EFF as it lost Ward 10


By Thabo Monyela

POLOKWANE- The former EFF leader Jossey Buthane rose from the political shambles, to dismantle the red beret party in Limpopo and has since drawn first blood by costing the EFF to lose ward 10 to ANC in the Polokwane by-elections. 

The African National Congress (ANC) in Polokwane has won Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) dominated ward 10 for the first time after three consecutive elections, in the by-elections which took place in Blood River outside Seshego on Wednesday, 24 April 2024. 

ANC took the ward with 1814 votes, while EFF got 1471 votes.

Buthane has been showered with praise as it is believed that his political influence has finally afforded the ANC’s victory in Ward 10, which has been in the hands of the EFF. 

Since rejoining the ANC a few weeks back after years of being iced in the EFF, it is reported that Buthane left with more than 1000 members which includes former PCT, RCT members and PR councillors, through his campaign dubbed “Khumbula Khaya”. 

While addressing the media last week, Buthane’s former political master and EFF President Julius Malema, labelled Buthane a political mosquito whose bite wouldn’t cause any damage to the EFF, as his head had fought lions and elephants before and still emerged. 

Malema said: “There is nothing that has happened in Limpopo now that is special, I was never made by boys, I made them, why would you think you can outshine the master? Nothing is shocking in Limpopo that demands any kind of strategy”

After the Ward 10 loss with a 343 margin to the ANC a few weeks towards the general elections, the party would need a strategy to stop Buthane from further cracking its membership in the province.  

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